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Coping with Emotions Group

Gain insight, techniques, and perspective to manage difficult emotions.

Coping with Emotions is a supportive group that provides a safe space members can share what emotions and unhelpful coping methods they have been bothered by.  After this, we learn proven techniques to alleviate and reduce uncomfortable emotions, while practicing them in group and throughout the week.  The group is ongoing, lasts 60-75 minutes and meets on Thursdays at 6pm.

If you want to learn and practice using healthy and helpful, evidence-based techniques to reduce and manage stress, panic, anxiety, guilt, depression, anger, fear, loneliness, insecurity, or shame or you are currently using unhelpful ways to distract from or cope with emotions (numbing/suppressing, drinking/drugs, eating/sleeping/working too much, empty sex, TV/Internet, staying numb, lashing out, self-harm, etc.), this group is for you!

You will never be forced to share in this group, but sharing is encouraged and there is no judgment!

Walk-ins are not allowed so please give me a call or email if you would like to attend.  If you’ve never tried a group or have had a negative experience in one, this group will give you a good experience!

This group is run by Christi Gardner, LCSW, CADC and is treated as an outpatient group therapy session; insurance coverage applies.  If you are not a current client at CG Therapies you will be required to have at least one, individual session, prior to attending.

Contact info@cgtherapies for more info or to RSVP.

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Mindfulness Through Music

Learn the 7 tenets of Mindfulness in a unique group format.

Mindfulness Through Music is the only group of its kind that combines beginner instrumentation instruction from a Master musician as well as mindfulness education by an experienced psychotherapist in a pressure-free and supportive setting. This group is offered through collaboration with The World Music Foundation. No music or mindfulness experience is necessary and there is no “grade.”

The group is comprised of 8, 60 minutes sessions which incorporate education and processing.  Instruments are provided unless your preference is to bring your own.

Mindfulness has become one of the leading interventions to reduce anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, and symptoms associated with trauma.   Many of the mental health issues and/or unhealthy behaviors we often engage in, can be attributed to underdeveloped neural pathways. Learning music is proven to promote the development of underdeveloped neural pathways as well as create new neural connections.  This process is linked to increased ability to focus, delay the need for gratification, reduce frustration/anger, and myriad other health benefits.

This group provides a supportive and lively environment to learn in a therapeutic setting.  For those who are shy about sharing, this group is ideal as it is primarily psycho-educational, but allows the opportunity for sharing, if desired.  The objective of this group is to increase and refine self-awareness and habits that invite feelings of wholeness, wellness, and satisfaction.

About The Artist

Pandit Sandip Burman a native of Durgapur, India, is an internationally touring tabla and sitar musician

In addition to his countless accomplishments as an Indian Classical musician, he has also performed and recorded in Western Classical and Jazz settings, including performances on GRAMMY albums. His initial trip to the USA was sponsored by the founder of Transcendental Meditation and Beatles guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He has been a visiting faculty member at the Rotterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands and has toured and taught in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Singapore, North Africa, Israel, and Canada.

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